Video Laryngoscope for Double Lumen Tubes.

Inovative Design

 Difficult airway can be encountered in 3 to 5% of patients.  Insertion of double lumen in difficult airway is a clinical challenge that requires improvement. 

Metal 3D Printing

Metal print opens a new horizon for manufacturing.  It is a disruptive technology that allows making geometry not feasible by traditional methods.


 Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) uses a precise, high-wattage fiber laser to micro-weld powdered metals and alloys to form fully functional metal components .

Stainless Steel and Titanium

Ergonomic, light, and very strong!!! 

The stiffness of the channel allows deformation of the double lumen tube  making the necessary turns  for successful  intubation.

When Space in Critical

Narrow passages  will not allow insertion of a videolaryngoscope and tube side by side.  The thin but strong walls allow the insertion of the tube inside the handle and blade. 

New Concept in Airway Management

 Fist video laryngoscope  that does not require stylet. Compatible with all single lumen tubes and Double lumen 35-39F.